Coal is everywhere! There is no exaggeration in these words. Carbon atoms are one of the most abundant elements in space. We build by animals and plants. We definitely need charcoal!

What is charcoal?

In this case, we are not talking about black masses extracted from the ground and used to heat homes, but about a chemical element. This non-metal is also known as “C” and comes in several allotropes. Carbon is an essential element for life on Earth.

Why is coal so important?

  • The carbons form strong and stable bonds with each other.
  • It is also so universal that it easily enters into various interactions with other elements.
  • There are many different reactions necessary for the functioning of life with the participation of carbon.

You can learn more about coal from the video on the Science Channel. I love that.

Agnieszka Ochman

Agnieszka Ochman

I have been working with words for nearly 10 years. I wrote for local and regional media and was responsible for writing advertisements. in science. For me, it is a pleasure to run parenting projects, and the subject matter is very close to me. Hours later, I became a fan of lifestyle photography.

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