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Google has long pushed web developers to use HTTP encryption. The stresses have proven effective. Now, the creators of Chrome will add something of themselves.

All sites without encryption will be marked as unsafe – that’s a change It came into effect in 2018. As HTTPS became the standard, Google also removed the green lock that suggested security on encrypted websites.

Although HTTPS was supposed to be the basis of the web, it used the Chrome browser itself to connect to the unencrypted version of the website first. This can be seen especially in the case of foreign sites – after entering the name, we can see the unencrypted download.

Google understands that this was a practice that was the norm in the past, when HTTPS wasn’t used much. Now it is used by more than 80 percent. Of sites in the world – all in the 100 most popular sites – so Chrome now has to adapt to the new, safer times.

The change will appear in the new version of the browser, marked with the number 90. This is expected in April. First, however, PC and Android users will benefit from the news.

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