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An ideal space to relax. How does the color of the interior affect our well-being?

Accumulation of the list of duties, constant rush – this is what everyday life looks like. An excess of stimuli and activity can be stressful, so home spaces should be best conducive to relaxation and calm. It should be noted that colors play an important role in this regard, which greatly affects our well-being. So what colors are worth choosing? Here are some hints.

The color palette in the interiors is the basis of their specific perception. First of all, however, it should be noted that it is always better to mix several colors, for example by applying two or three leading colors. An excess of one color, even if it’s your favorite color, can have a negative effect on your mood and energy levels.

Minimum triggers – universal rule

When it comes to casual universal wallpaper, simplicity comes to mind – and that’s what the versatile white color provides. It is a color that has a neutral effect on the psyche, therefore it prefers relaxation and calm and does not particularly involve the senses. For this reason, it is highly valued in minimalist interiors, where harmony and simplicity allow to achieve interior balance. It is worth remembering that the whiteness of white is uneven. You can choose from different variants – from cool and frosted to creamy and warmer, but also slightly cooler – with drops of gray, blue or green.

Gray is another general color that can be taken as a base in the interior. It must also be emphasized that although for some it is a wonderful or even gloomy color, in reality it is not. It has more character than white, but it’s still versatile, cozy and comfortable – and modern in reception, too. But in practice, gray should not be overstated! It is too much of it that can reveal the negative aspects – that is, the association with sadness. So it is better to combine gray and white for example.

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Also, delicate shades of cream and beige have a great effect on the psyche, and also add comfort to the interior. It can also appear on its own (unlike gray, its excess is not so risky). However, in order for the house to look more diverse, and therefore more interesting, it is worth combining these colors with other colors. Shades of natural wood are also a good background, which has a positive effect on well-being.

Of course, primary colors please the eye only when we use correctly selected paints. This is of great importance in any interior, especially in places where all defects appear immediately, for example with a lot of light. In this case, for example, it works great Greinplast premium anti-reflective latex paint. It is especially recommended for painting strongly lit surfaces, as it reduces the risk of visible streaks and gives the walls a noble matte character.

Mute and Mirror

What if we were looking for peace, balance and calm in the living room or bedroom? In this case, different shades of blue are a great option. This color associated with the sky and the sea has a very calming effect on the psyche. Most importantly, in the context of interior design, it is very universal and fits most colors – from white to gray, brown and beige to warm and intense shades (especially orange!). However, you can not overuse blue – for some reason, the English “blue” also denotes a depressed mood. One blue wall (or two) or other accent surfaces in this color is more than enough.

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In addition to blue, green has similar properties. This also has a positive effect on the psyche, mainly because it has a strong natural charge – it is the color of nature’s life. Inside, it also looks much warmer than blue, so it brings more comfort. It is an excellent remedy for nerve blockages or increased circadian stimuli.

Colors that fall somewhere between blue and green, such as turquoise, sea or emerald, also bring particularly interesting effects in interiors. These shades are very expressive, elegant and fresh, while still relieving stress.

Or perhaps a relief for the senses in a duet while stimulating creativity? This effect can also be achieved with the help of skillfully selected colors. Good example? A trendy pink color – especially in powder and pastel versions. On the one hand, it is associated with optimism and a wonderful mood, on the other – it is very delicate and sensitive. It also creates wonderful combinations, for example, white, gray, dark blue and mint green. In turn, the less common violet color is another great “support” for a good mood. This color is very good at reducing stress (it even helps with stronger anxiety states!), calms and at the same time stimulates the mind to act. Therefore, she prefers all creative works.

All of the above colors can be successfully used as wallpaper color. It is especially advisable to use latex paints, as they ensure the durability of the coating, are easy to clean and maintain. Ready-made color inspiration is waiting for you, for example, in line Green Plast Elegance Paints.

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More energy and creativity

The individual areas of the house have different functions and they are not all just relaxing and calming. While in the bedroom or living room, calm colors work well, for example in the home office or in the kitchen, it is worth adding some energy to the décor. In this context, the different shades of yellow and orange are an excellent proposal. Both colors have a positive effect on the psyche in the context of motivating work. Most importantly, for example in kitchen spaces – they also improve appetite! Another suggestion is red, although you should always be in moderation here. An excess of this fiery color can disturb focus.

When choosing the colors of the kitchen walls, it is also worth paying special attention to their resistance to dirt, and, accordingly, their reliability and ease of cleaning. Therefore, ceramic paints are a great solution, for example z Greenplast Ceramic Collection. The increased durability makes this product very useful. The nano-ceramic coating that is created on the painted surface protects the walls from stains and dirt, an important functional and aesthetic aspect of the kitchen.


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