But there will be an exception. These are people with settled or pre-established residence in the UK who obtained it on the basis of an ID card. In their case, entry with an ID card will be possible at least until the end of 2025.

According to the PAP, the Polish Consul General in London, Mateusz Stosek, people of stable status, as a rule, must cross the British border on the basis of this identity document, which was linked to their digital file under the EU settlement scheme. The application for stable status can be linked to either a passport or an identity card.

– However, after changing the regulations, some doubts may arise, also on the part of British immigration officials, we encourage you to travel with the passport document, ie the biometric passport or the temporary passport – says Mateusz Stosek.

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The Foreign Office reminds you to make sure your passport is in good enough technical condition and that it allows you to verify your identity before you travel to the UK after 1 October – it’s a recent photo.

After 1 October 2021, it will be possible to leave the UK for Poland on the basis of an identity card – as long as airlines or other carriers accept this type of identity document as a travel document – the consul added.