The US military has been interested in technology for some time mini nuclear reactors I finally decided it beta program Such devices will be launched at Eielson Air Force Base in central Alaska. “The next generation of the reactor will provide the base with a clean and reliable source of energy,” the US Air Force said in a statement.

A representative of the US military adds:

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The statement said the reactor will be there by 2027 at the latest, and while we don’t know its exact specifications yet, we do know that the program itself aims to build reactors with relatively low power, from one to five megawatts. By comparison, an ordinary nuclear power plant produces hundreds or even thousands of megawatts of power. There are also indications that the small reactor built for the US military will use safer and more efficient TRISO fuel. We’ve written more about it in context HTGR reactors, to be built in PolandSo, even in this context, it is worth following the initiative of the Americans.

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