An alien autopsy is an extraordinary photograph from 1947 that provides substantial evidence of the crash of an unidentified flying object in Roswell. There is no doubt that the image of man is original. Its value was estimated at an incredible amount.

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Roswell, New Mexico, is undoubtedly the most famous city in terms of UFO phenomena. Even before the disaster of 1947, residents repeatedly noticed numerous signs of the presence of “strangers” in this place. Above their heads, numerous flying saucer-like objects appeared with a regular frequency. It was only the crash of the flying object that made it truly soar around the city located in the desert. And although, according to the official version, a meteorological balloon crashed, and not a ship belonging to an alien civilization, there is still a lot of evidence that the truth may be different. One of them is a unique photo showing the autopsy of a mysterious creature.

There is one 16mm film frame from 1947 in Roswell. It shows a picture lying on a table on which the autopsy is being done. The creature resembles a “gray” and is distinguished by a rounded body, a bulbous abdomen and dark eyes. Her body is completely soft. It has a skull much larger than the human skull. Around him, there are pathologists who do the analysis.

The photo is consistent with the stories told by witnesses to the Roswell crash. Many New Mexico residents claimed to have seen the dead and wounded “little men” who fell in Roswell. The unusual frame from the recording has just been offered at an NFT auction. The person who will be willing to pay the largest amount will receive a code confirming the authenticity of the photo and a physical video.

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Autopsy of a foreign body

Roswell’s film setting has sparked a lot of controversy for years. As early as 1947, the media reported the existence of a recording of the “alien autopsy”. However, it was first broadcast only in 1995 by television Fox. The station attempted to debunk myths and reveal facts about the event. Recording belongs to Ray Santelli of Great Britain. The man claimed to have bought it in 1992 from a retired US military photographer. However, there were voices saying that the British material was not original.

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In 2006, special effects expert John Humphries stated that he personally created “Alien” for the recording. However, he did not provide evidence that it was his work. Later, more people said they arranged the photo, but none of these statements were confirmed. Quite often, the media reported evidence that the film dates back to 1947 and that it actually depicts an alien. We’ll probably never know what it really was. However, it should be noted that Poland also makes a significant contribution to the study of the phenomenon of UFOs. In Wylatowo there are appearances of light balls to this day.