PlayStation 5 owners are finally here: the update has begun, and an additional memory slot has opened! The M.2 SSD slot can already be used, but not all drives will work with it. What do you have to buy to make it work! Below you will also find a list of other functions that the new firmware carries. Unfortunately – there is still no support for 1440p resolution and VRR technology.

PlayStation 5: Unlocking an Extra SSD Port! What is the motive to buy?

Latest console software update PlayStation 5 Goes to the first players. There are indications of its presence from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and France. At the moment, only the owners of the next generation of Japanese can take advantage of the new opportunities. The most important of course Activate an additional memory slot hidden inside the PS5. So far, nest M.2 SSD It remained inactive, and users had little to play with 600 GB Empty space.

However, unlocking additional space does not mean that you will be able to use any of it SSD Disk. Sony says they should be modular NS Read speeds of at least 5000MB/s. There is also There is no guarantee that any M.2 SSD with these specifications will work with the console. Officially, it is already known that the manufacturer has prepared such a device in cooperation with the company Seagate. Will be FireCuda 530Which will be available for sale soon will have volatile prices From 151.90 euros (about 690 PLN) for the 500 GB version to 1179 EUR (about 5,380 PLN) for 4 TB.

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PS5 players finally have an active extra memory slot

What else is introduced in the new firmware available to PlayStation 5 owners?

  • support for surround sound (3D) through TV speakers – you no longer need to use headphones, the acoustics in the room will be measured by the DualSense controller;
  • New features in the console’s main menu – wider customization, calling friends from the control center;
  • Updated friends tab in Game Base – it’s easy to find who’s currently online;
  • PS5 and PS4 games are now more visible within the PlayStation Store – Sony aims to reduce errors when downloading updates;
  • More ability to keep track of trophies – a quick preview of the five we currently want to get;
  • Choice of resolution on PlayStation Now – 720p or 1080p

Still no 1440p and VRR support

Once again, however, it will be enjoyed by all those waiting for the addition of 1440p resolution support (supported by Xbox Series X and S consoles) and VRR technology.. Sony still – despite numerous assurances from the past – hasn’t equipped its latest console with these functions. Newer TVs from this manufacturer still have problems with variable refresh rate support.


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