Amnesty International apologized to Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who is in the penal colony in Vladimir, for denying him the title of prisoner of conscience in February. And he announced that he would be restored to this status.

Amnesty announced in February that it would no longer treat Navalny as a prisoner of conscience since he was in the past. Accused of discrimination and nationalism. Navalny demanded that the immigrants be deported based on records of early political activity.

Amnesty International admits that the Russian authorities used this decision to continue Violating Navalny’s lawsWho was arrested in January and imprisoned for 2.5 years for violating parole. Navalny considers the charges against him to be trumped up.

Amnesty International took the wrong decision (…) and apologizes for the negative influence it had on Navalny himself and the activists in Russia and around the world who are fighting for his freedom. – He wrote in the statement.

The organization says it has reviewed the naming procedure People are prisoners of conscience It will not remove this rating solely on the basis of its past behavior.

Some of Navalny’s previous statements are outrageous, and at least we do not tolerate them … Announce Amnesty International.

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