Big changes in the world of American football lie ahead. The women of the national team will receive the same salary as their male colleagues. This is a breakthrough decision in the world of sport and a giant step towards equality.

Equal wages for soccer players and players

Thanks to a new agreement with the US Soccer Federation, women will receive a bonus that is proportional to their salary with the salary previously earned by men. In addition, athletes will be able to count on the same cash prizes to participate in all World Cup competitions.

For the first time, American women and men athletes will receive the same money at the FIFA World Cup Finals, which kicks off in November 2022 in Qatar. This is the first agreement of its kind in history where FIFA will pay men and women the same salary for participation in international competitions.

Women won a discrimination claim

The historic equal pay decision came as a result of a discrimination lawsuit filed by female soccer players three months ago against the United States Soccer Federation. Thus, the court’s decision ends a long-running dispute and fierce battle before the general courts for equal pay for men and women.

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