NATO reported the transfer of F-15 fighters from the Lakenheath base. They should be an element of support for the eastern wing of NATO in the face of the security crisis in the region.

F-15s were sent from Lakenheath to NATO east at the end of January. They were stationed in Estonia for a week officially as part of the exercise.

In the past, F-15s have already appeared in Poland several times, although they are not frequent guests. We showed photos and recordings of their last major visit in April 2021.

Bombers in meaningful exercises

At the same time, civilian amateurs tracking military aviation activity noted that four B-52 strategic bombers took off on Thursday night, Polish time, from the base in Louisiana. Then the machines headed east towards Great Britain. By noon they were over Ireland. They are most likely bound for RAF Fairford, where American strategic bombers routinely arrive for short periods.

The arrival of the B-52 was predicted a few days earlier by British trade journalists. They did so as service and support aircraft arrived at Fairford that usually announced the arrival of bombers. Officially, the US military has not made any announcements in this regard, but it can be expected that this is basically a routine mission. The Americans regularly send their strategic bombers to Europe. This is to give their crews the opportunity to practice working in the area and learn to cooperate with various allies.

Regardless, the tense situation in Europe will surely mean that American flight movements will be interpreted differently. As part of a broader muscle show by NATO and Russia. The Americans are now airborne elements of the 82nd Airborne Division in Poland and Germany. On the other hand, their reconnaissance aircraft of all kinds are constantly flying over Ukraine, monitoring the activity of the Russian army on the borders of that country.

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