On Friday, there was a competition in the 100-meter mixed swimming relay. The biggest surprise was the fifth-placed USA, who, along with Caleb Dressel, were considered iron favorites for the gold medal. – A drunken place is not acceptable. The gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics said it stings.

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“It was a real fireworks performance by our relay race”

An unusual situation in the relay race. American woman dripping glasses in her mouth

Several factors contributed to the deterioration of the American relay result, including the ordeal of 17-year-old Lydia Jacobi. At the start of the shift, the gold medalist’s swimming goggles, 100m classic style, slipped so that she had to stick them in her mouth. – Which has never happened to me before. I had no effect on it, so I drank as best I could. I definitely panic, but I can still breathe. The hardest part was in the turn, because I couldn’t see the wall, but besides that, I had a feeling I was doing it the best I could, the rider said after the race.

Katarzina Wasek close to the medal in Tokyo. “I have nothing to blame myself for.”

The result she achieved was the confirmation of her words. Jacobi sailed for 100 meters in 1:05.09 minutes, which was 14 hundredths (1:04.95) worse than the race in which she won the gold medal.

Kelska United States of America In the swimming relay. The excellent medal streak was cut off

Jacobi’s championship and Caleb Dressel’s wrath didn’t help the pogo in the last turn of the Americans, who only finished fifth. Great Britain won the gold medal behind it silver and quickly China And Australia. Pat Fordy wrote for Sports Illustrated, researching the cause of the failure.

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Majersky comments on the exciting result in the final of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Majersky comments on the exciting result in the final match of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. “I’ve drifted”

By Tokyo 2020, the United States has won medals in every relay in the history of the Olympic Games in which it has participated. This week the Americans had two unfortunate incidents, when they also lost a medal in the men’s 4x200m.