Many Americans who have been shown to have contracted the virus still have chronic difficulties — trouble breathing, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. In a speech to the White House on the 31st anniversary of the Anti-Discrimination Act, which he co-wrote, Biden said that sometimes these conditions amount to a disability.

The US President has announced that his administration will ensure that the people most affected by the “long-Covid” pandemic have their “rights and remedies” under the law.

“This includes facilities and services at work, schools and the health care system so that they can live in dignity and receive the assistance they need as they face these challenges,” the president declared.

Protection from discrimination

As part of the measure announced by Biden, the Departments of Health, Justice, Labor, and Education issued new guidance Monday that states that those with long-term complications from COVID-19 may qualify for protection from discrimination and apply for special benefits at work and schools.

The exact number of people who have chronic problems after contracting the coronavirus is not known exactly. In June, the NGO FAIR Health published an analysis of private health insurers, which shows up to 25 percent. Affected patients complained of long-standing complaints. In the case of people in hospital, this percentage was 50%.

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