AMD is preparing for a new generation of processors with integrated graphics. This time we won’t see any major changes to the processor cores, but a revolution in integrated graphics awaits us.

We are talking about AMD Rembrandt processors, which are set to replace the current AMD Cezanne systems – there has been talk of new models for several months, but until now we did not know many details about the construction of the unit. Now that has changed.

AMD Rembrandt – What will the next generation of processors achieve?

User ExecutableFix posted details about the unit building on Twitter. Obviously, we are talking about unofficial information so it should be treated with limited confidence.

Rembrandt processors should rely on Zen 3+ (6nm) cores, which are likely only optimized for the Zen 3 core (7nm) – we shouldn’t expect revolutionary changes here, but at most a slight improvement in performance.

The combined graphics promise to be more interesting. Instead of an updated Vega architecture, the manufacturer will eventually migrate to RDNA 2 generation – admittedly all have a maximum of 12 compute blocks, but the new design should deliver a significant increase in efficiency and energy efficiency.

Patrick Shore (also known as trusted leaks) added that portable versions of the processors will provide a PCI-Express 4.0 controller with 8 signal lines for integrated graphics.

What is the premiere of AMD Rembrandt processors?

Rembrandt processors will likely appear in the Ryzen 6000U / H (mobile versions) and Ryzen 6000G (desktop versions) models. We’ll have to wait for the premiere until early next year.

There is definitely something waiting for you, especially if you count on the integrated graphics performance.

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