The AMD AM4 platform has been working with us since 2016, so it’s time for a newer design release – AMD AM5. What do we know about the new platform?

Motherboards AMD AM5 – big changes to come

AMD has yet to confirm its plans to launch a new platform, but its appearance is actually only a matter of time. Twitter user ExecutableFix got the first details about upcoming albums.

The platform uses an AM5 socket – interestingly, this time the manufacturer decided to use an LGA socket with 1718 pins (the AM4 platform uses a PGA socket – pins are placed on the processor).

The new boards will use 600 series chipsets (A620, B650, X670?). The platform will also provide dual-channel memory support DDR5 RAM PCI-Express 4.0 bus support (we won’t offer PCIe 5.0 support here yet).

What processors will AMD AM5 motherboards use?

AMD is said to be equipping the Ryzen 7000 Raphael units here, which is slated to be based on Zen 4 microarchitecture and Navi 2 graphics and will be produced in 5nm lithography. According to unofficial information, the new platform is scheduled to launch next year.

You can doubt that the design will be developed at a later time, but as of now we do not know details about the next generation of processors.

Source: Twitter @ Executableix, VideoCardz

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