June 13 was a real unlucky 13th for the now legendary Hubble Space Telescope. One of the computers on board, tasked with allocating tasks and coordinating the work of all scientific devices … simply stopped working.

Thus all scientific observations ceased. Moreover, for the whole month he was not able to bring him back to work in any way.

On Thursday, the telescope’s Twitter account reported that engineers tested the telescope restart procedure with a backup computer. Although additional preparations are necessary before this happens, an attempt to operate the telescope may be made as early as next week.

All that’s left is to keep your fingers crossed to get Hubble back in action. Yes, in just a few months, the James Webb Space Telescope, often called the successor to Hubble, will be launched into space, but that’s not an entirely appropriate term. While Hubble observes the universe in visible light, James Webb will focus on infrared observations. So the ideal solution is that both telescopes work independently.

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