Elijah Bashlida Koro He was one of those stars who had continually fought for privacy for years. However, the truth is that her life enjoys a lot of media attention, and subsequent reports stir emotions. Instagram has also become a natural extension of her career, as she sometimes reveals a secret, which is often heard.

anyway Elijah Bashlida Koro She became famous on the & nbspublic show business with multiple actors and nbsp public relations with & nbspColinum FarilmSome netizens also link her to the fact that years ago she left for the United States in the hope of fulfilling her “American dream.” The beginnings, as we probably know, can be difficult.

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Now Bachleda-Curuś has decided to tell & nbsptym what her start looked like after her move to New York. To mark his performance in the & nbspodcast Lucky actors Alice admitted it The decision to move abroad was made in the third year of high school. At the same time, she had to rely on the confidence of her relatives, who were worried about her fate.


Things weren’t easier due to the difficulties Alice faced at one point I became homeless. Suddenly it turns out that other people who had previously arranged with them had come to visit her parents’ friends.

Then I asked, “Alicia, what are you doing? So I was homeless for a while because I had to leave. I was in the minority – We found out.

Thanks to the help of friends, she was able to find a place to stay, but her situation was very difficult for a long time. Weather conditions, she says, did not help the worst winter of the century.


They say it was the worst winter in centuries. 30 degrees below zero and nbspwindr, which was only known to New Yorkers. So it was difficult. Difficult but interesting. This was clearly an item that I had to deal with – and nbspsaid.

Do you feel in awe of her persistence?