August 16, 2021, 11:29

From the financial report of the Remedy studio, it can be concluded that the Alan Wake 2 project has already entered full production.

It seems that the production of the project has started in full swing at Remedy studio Alan Wake 2And This is a continuation Action games from 2010. These conclusions can be drawn from Financial report for investors.

There was a note in the document that the Epic Games-funded project is currently in full production. It is described as an “AAA game”. And the report did not reveal whether it was a continuation of the adventures of Alan Wake, but a few months ago such information. udostepni³ Usually insider journalist Jeff Grob of VentureBeat.

Let us remind you of that 2019 cure recover rights Alana Wake??So it is clear that the team will develop follow-up sooner or later. Since then, items from this brand have appeared in control for sale AWE, which confirmed that both productions fall into the same reality, a Announced the creatorsThey will develop this universe further.

This was recently added to the Epic Games Store database have found mentions about him Alan Wake Remastered. So it’s possible that Remedy will remind players about the first part of the series before announcing the sequel.

The report also included information that another, smaller project was in production. It is probably around condorAny casual co-op action game control. In addition, Remedy is currently doing internal testing for another co-op shooter named forefrontthat will use the free run model. Work on it is moving forward at a good pace.

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Other plans include the continuation of the high budget control 2. However, this project is still in the conceptual stage, so it will be many years before it is officially announced.

  1. Remedy Entertainment?? The studio’s official website