Alan Shearer issued a scathing judgment on Newcastle United, accusing them of being too negative and criticizing the beauty of Lascelles and Alain San Maximin.

Newcastle lost well to Chelsea as Federico Fernandez scored an own goal, and Tammy Abraham’s goal left United at the end of the season. Second consecutive loss by one side 2-0.

This led to panic on social media as fans questioned Newcastle’s progress under Steve Bruce.

Shearer said, “The manager has to take responsibility because he fired the players. They were very passive, and there weren’t enough ideas to move forward but the players also have to take responsibility.

“They have to be courageous in possession, work harder to shut people down. Lascelles as captain and captain must stop demanding protection from the midfielders in front of him and Alain San Maximin has not broken his sweat since signing his new contract for six years.

“There’s nowhere near enough (from Newcastle). Stop moving forward and call on yourself to put pressure on yourselves. There was no place near enough corpses to move forward and people are ready to commit to going forward.

It’s a negative. Their first thought is to go back and you won’t score enough goals like this.

Shearer was also dismissive of their second period efforts.

“The second half was a little better. They created a few more chances but the same thing. Many times this season Newcastle has been very negative and won’t score goals,” he said.

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