After serious disturbances, the situation at the border between the islands and the European Union has basically returned to normal. Despite this, the number of people wanting to move goods there is declining – indicating the weekend edition of “Puls Biznesu”.

The daily notes that the most visible consequence of Brexit for the transport, freight and logistics sector is the re-application of border controls in the transport of goods between the European Union countries and the United Kingdom. As a result, at the end of 2020, drivers were stuck in queues about a kilometer long. “Fortunately, the situation has returned to normal,” the newspaper wrote.

According to the newspaper, those who signed contracts with customs agencies early and set aside time for an in-depth interpretation of the new law are in the best position. “These are companies that have long specialized in transport to Great Britain, or global players who are used to changing PB” – points.

As the newspaper pointed out, Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, despite the signing of agreements and cooperation agreements, forced it to completely reorganize procedures and legal requirements in the field of transport. This, in turn, has greatly reduced the number of carriers ready to move to the islands.

The paper notes that the lack of guidance in the required documents and procedures and the limited availability of customs agencies are a problem not only for the continental carriers. “Brexit is also a challenge for British managers who are trying, without their knowledge of the applicable requirements, to pass formalities on carriers or rerouting companies. The circuit is closing” – stresses Puls Biznesu. As a result, drivers often return to the European Union “empty” because they do not want to take responsibility for the documents – adds the magazine. “Managers are raising their prices, but nevertheless some transport companies simply give up the service in this direction” – confirms the newspaper.

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