On Tuesday, the former runner-up in the WTA rankings, Agnieszka Radwańska, will return to court. The Polish women will participate in the Legend tournament. Plus, we’ll see Polish juniors, Martin Paulski, Wironica Ewald and Olivia Lancer competing.

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Agnieszka Radwanska

Getty Images / Pat Scala / Pictured: Agnieszka Radwańska

Alija Rusulska advanced to the quarter-finals in a double match on Monday. Now she has a day off before the final.

The biggest event for Polish fans on Tuesday will be Agnieszka Radwańska’s return to the stadium. The former WTA rank runner-up will participate in the Legend Tournament. The Polish woman will compete in my doubles with Jelena Janković. Flavia Pennetta and Francesca Schiavone will be their opponents in the first round. This match will take place at Court No. 14 and will not start before 4:00 PM Poland time.

Martin Paulski will play the second round match in the Junior Championships. Ranked at the “Fifteen”, he will face France’s Pole Paul Barbierre Gazeau. Tennis players will compete on Court No. 6, and the third match in a row is scheduled to take place from 12:00 Poland time.

Court No. 17 will be Polish on Tuesday. She will be played by Veronica Ewald and Olivia Lenser in the first round of doubles. The first of them will face Isis Louise van den Broek Hannah Klugmann and Hevziba Oluwadari. The second Polish will start her game after the end of her compatriot’s match. Her partner will be Renata Gamrichova, and on the other side of the net will be Sofia Johnson and Daniela Biani.

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Novak Djokovic will open the competition on the central court, which will compete with Yannick Sener. Then Mary Bozkova will face Anas Jaber.

Match plan for Day 9 (Tuesday) of Grand Slam Wimbledon 2022:

Central Court:

From 14:30 (Poland time)
Djokovic (Serbia, 1) – c. Sener (Italy, 10)
Buzkova (Czech Republic) – and. Jaber (Tunisia, 3)

Court 1:

From 14:00 (Poland time)
Maria (Germany) – c. Niemeyer (Germany)
Goffin (Belgium) – Si Nouri (UK, 9)

Court 2:

From 12:00 (Poland time)
Milchar-Martinez (USA, 10) / E. Perez (Australia, 10) – B. Krizhikova / K. Sinyakova (Czech Republic, 2)

Not before 15:00 (Poland time)
M Ebden / S Stosur (Australia) – J O’Mara / A Barnett (UK)

Court 3:

Not before 14:30 (Poland time)
S. Aoyama (Japan, 8) / H. Chan (Taiwan, 8) – L. Kichenok (Ukraine, 4) / J. Ostapenko (Latvia, 4)
Krawietz / A. Mies (Germany, 11) – N. Mekti / M. Pavić (Croatia, 2)

Court 12:

Not before 14:30 (Poland time)
J. Cabal/R. Farah (Colombia, 6) – Dr. Kudla / c. Sock (USA)
R. Farah (Colombia, 7) / J. Ostapenko (Latvia, 7) – N. Skupski (Great Britain, 2) / D. Krawczyk (USA, 2)

Court 6:

Third match from 12:00 (Poland time)
Barbier Gazio (France) – m. Paulski (Poland, 15)

Court 14:

Not before 4pm (Poland time)
Benita / V. Schiavoni (Italy) – Jankovi? (Serbia) / A. Radwijska (Poland)

Court 17:

From 12:00 (Poland time)
Klugmann / H Olwadari (Great Britain) – W Ewald (Poland) / I van den Broek (Netherlands)
S. Johnson / D. Piani (Great Britain) – R. Jamrichova (Slovakia) / O. Lincer (Poland)

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