I know the last big premiere in the RTS universe was “Age of Empires IV”. It doesn’t change anything, I’m working against a Polish production against Storm.

That’s why I decided to look for something for people who don’t really want to see the next installment of this series. In addition, it is an independent game created by a Polish studio. I won’t hide that I’ve been sharpening my teeth on it for a long time. Leave the definitive guide you purchased in early access. In the Epic store, where I have quite a few products, and I used the Unreal Engine more. This game I’m looking forward to is Against the Storm.

“Against Strom” is a production where the cycles are very important

Real time strategy is well tiled with rough-like elements. There is something very addictive about this combination. I’ve noticed that “Against the Strom” is a production where the cycles are very important. Different types, but the most important of them are two. This large map, related to the world map, resets the progress and creates a new space for stability. This is to force the recipient to select improvements and fields with specific resources. In order not to be too easy, the further away the player is from the center, the more difficult the level will be. Which is worth a try, as this is the only way to get resources to buy upgrades.

After choosing the place, the player lands on the village map. At first it is a small tree-lined space with well-defined spaces. Here comes another smaller cycle and strongly influences the gameplay. Playtime consists of three seasons, the last of which, Storm, is the most dangerous. It negatively affects the satisfaction of the population, which is why it is able to set off a downward spiral of failure. why? It is not that “Against the Storm” is only fighting adversity of an adversarial nature. You also have to face the resentment of the residents and the risks inherent in clearing. These two elements make the gaming experience so many different layers. You still have to obey orders that lead to victory. This is not always easy, and their choice often forces you to change your strategy.

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Continuous change is an essential component of Against the Storm.

From world map to strategy. At the same time, it is very interesting and addictive. I don’t count how many times I lost because I made the wrong choices. How did the creators manage to make such an interesting continuously animated RTS?

Largely because of the interestingly laid out decisions. As for resisting the storm, I must choose buildings, nooks, and tasks to complete. Each of these elements is dynamic, and can repeat itself, but even if it is, the context is completely different. The fact that there was no list of the same buildings during the expansion of the settlement affects its inhabitants (I could not please all of them) and the orders that are carried out. You have to choose and think about what you could do and what would be difficult or impossible to do.

Against the Storm, despite being in Early Access, is already a lot of fun. Because it is a well thought out and well designed game.