located in the middle China Henan Province visit Flood It is referred to as the “Millennium Flood”.at. metro in which – according to estimates by local authorities – at least 12 people died.

In Zhengzhou, overflow stations and subway cars stuck in tunnels have been evacuated 500 Persons. Pictures published by Chinese media show many streets that have found themselves under water.

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China. Millennium Flood, threatened hundreds of thousands of people

More than 12 million people live in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. More than 100,000 residents were evacuated from the flooded areas. Public transportation does not work as all buses run on electricity. In Zhengzhou, from Saturday to Tuesday, more than 617 millimeters of rain fell per square meter from Saturday to Tuesday – about the same as the city’s average annual rainfall.

Many highways and railways found themselves under water. One of the dams near Zhenghou was also broken. City officials report a 20-meter breach in the Yihetan Dam in Luoyang. The damage is so great that the structure could collapse at any moment.

Flooded roads, broken bridges, broken dams

This is the third right In China, which has been affected by torrential rains in recent days. Previously, such structures collapsed in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China. Water has destroyed dams in the city of Hulunbuir. They protected reservoirs with a total capacity of 46 million cubic meters of water.

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The disaster affected 16.6 thousand people. Persons. 54 thousand people were under water. acres of agricultural land. Roads and bridges in the area were damaged.