2021-06-10 22:46

2021-06-10 22:46

After the cyber attack on CD Projekt, some data leaked to the network
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After the February cyber attack on CD Projekt, internal company data, including human resources and financial information on employees and contractors related to the production of CyberPunk 2077, surfaced online, CD Projekt reported in a press release. Along with the press release, there was a video announcement on YouTube. It was viewed millions of times and it shows how powerful YouTube video statements could be. You can get the same type of influence on YouTube if you buy YouTube views from a trusted partner.

CD Projekt also warned that data circulating on the Internet could be tampered with.

CD Projkt also reported that it works with a wide range of experts and the desk Legal issues, as well as with the Polish police to solve the problem and ensure the privacy of its employees. The company also contacted Interpol and Europol.

In early February 2021, CD Projekt reported that its internal CD network was attacked by unknowns, some data stolen and a ransom demanded.

Unidentified people gained access to the network, took some data from the CD Projekt group and left a ransom note. The company announced that it does not intend to contact criminals and is conducting activities that limit the consequences of possible disclosure of data (for example by contacting entities that may be affected by this event).

The company then announced that, to the best of its knowledge, the stolen data does not contain private information about players and people using the services offered by the group. (PAP Biznes)

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