May 26 2022, 13:30

author: Miriam “Mokosh” Moszczyńska

Complete Skyrim in 700 hours, collect all possible collectibles, discover locations, and maximize your skills. However, it was not without controversy about sparing one of the characters.

Players sometimes go so far as to achieve amazing achievements, or at least this seems to accurately convey their commitment to the title. Such a person is DiJGit, who spent a lot of time collecting everything he could The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It took him about 700 hours.

Assembly at the highest level

at fasting DiJGit shared the shots he trusted his achievement. We can see the maximum developed skills, all the discovered locations and items collected during the challenge, and their number is really impressive.

After 700 hours in Skyrim, he collected everything he could - Illustration #1

Source: Reddit

After 700 hours in Skyrim, he collected everything he could - Illustration #2

Source: Reddit

After 700 hours in Skyrim, he collected everything he could - Illustration #3

Source: Reddit

ask ask

After his achievement, DiJGit stated that he would be happy to answer any questions that might arise in the face of his achievement. Thanks to this, we learned some facts about how the game is 100% complete.

The author notes that he hasn’t used any mod since then Skyrim Went on console. He also mentioned that his approach, in theory, may not be as perfect as it seems. Barthonax did not kill. However, DiJGit believes that keeping the dragon alive has given him more satisfaction.

Player approach to finish Skyrim 100% rather peaceful, not least because of the sparing of Barthonax.

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[…] Some [przeciwnicy – dop. red.] They are necessary and this is not recorded as a statistic. I did the opposite, keeping as many heroes alive as possible – The only ones who died were those who died because of the conspiracy – the author explained.

Unlike the looks of DiJGit, which may arise from a very large collection of collected items, the author did not capture everything he came across as he walked around the map. However, almost every unique item is present in the collection photographed by DiJGit.

Surely it could have been done faster

It’s not about sprinting. Players who chose to finish Skyrim At 100%, getting every possible achievement, they spent an average of 223 hours on it (via How long to win). Among them, the fastest, it was achieved in 133 hours. Record length 1,328 hours.

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So it can be said that DiJGit (if we already assume that he completed the game one hundred percent) will position himself at the bottom of this ranking. However, its achievement must be appreciated.