The decree states that Afghan women must wear clothing that covers the body from head to toe in public places. All women have to adapt to this, except for young girls and old women.

Acting Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Hanafi said, “We want our women to live in dignity and safety.” Minister of Virtues and Vices.

The decree also stipulates that women must stay there houses And don’t work outside of it. Hanafi added: “The principles of Islam are more important to us than anything else.”

The decree allowing women to only show their eyes in public reminds us of the restrictions that were in place During the first Taliban rule in 1996-2001.

Making such a decision will exacerbate already poor relations with the international community, and the Taliban’s efforts to win over international donors in the face of The deepening humanitarian crisis It will be wasted.

Earlier, the Taliban, despite their promises, decided that Girls are not allowed to go to school above the sixth gradeThis also makes the state even more excluded from the international community.

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