The Taliban justify its ban to reduce its hideouts with an interpretation of Islamic law. As I mentioned BBCThey announce at the same time that they will punish everyone Issue Break these rules.

“The gunmen keep coming and asking us to stop cutting our beards.” One of the barbers said in an interview with the BBC that someone told me they could send undercover inspectors. Another person in an interview with BBC was said to have received a call from someone claiming to be the actor rz ± du. The alleged official was supposed to ban “American style”.

Barber’s reports show that some clients have stopped ordering a facial haircut to avoid being targeted by the Taliban.

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August 26. Ambassador of Afghanistan thanks Poland for the evacuation assistance

Afghanistan. Taliban seize power

When, after 20 years of being in Afghanistan succumb to NATO Withdrew, the Taliban launched an offensive. In August, in just nine days, they occupied every city in Afghanistan and overthrew the pro-Western government.

Over the next two weeks, the evacuation of citizens of Western countries and their Afghan partners continued. On August 31, NATO finally left Afghanistan.

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