According to CNN, military advisers have told the White House that if they stick, it will be done The eviction will be completed by the end of August as plannedThen there will be only a few days left to evacuate civilians, and a few more will require the withdrawal of 5.8 thousand from Afghanistan. American forces and their equipment were deployed at Kabul airport.

Pressure to extend the process is being exerted by, inter alia, foreign allies of the United States who are concerned about the fate of their own citizens and Afghan associates of their forces, as well as a significant portion of members of the United States Congress, as well as from the President’s Democratic Party. This topic is supposed to be one of the main topics of the virtual meeting of the Group of Seven, and perhaps also CIA Director William Burns talks with Taliban political leader Abdul Ghani Baradar.

On Monday, the Taliban publicly threatened to do so The remaining forces in Afghanistan after August 31 will be met by their reaction.

According to statistics provided by the White House, the last day was a record number of evacuees. And 21.6 thousand people left Kabul. Among them, 12 thousand. With the help of US military aircraft. From August 14, a total of 58.7 thousand people were evacuated. Persons. There are currently about 4.5 thousand people at the airport. Persons.

Although most of the evacuees are Afghans, according to reports, incl. In the New York Times, many Afghan-American aides are now being turned back from the airport, with priority given to US citizens and Afghan green card holders. In addition, Afghan and American soldiers are transporting small groups of evacuees from the city to the airport.

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The security cordon around the airport has been expanded, reducing congestion around the airport. According to CNN, this is also due to the Taliban closing checkpoints.

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