After the withdrawal of the forces NATO army Afghanistan is in increasing danger. Local border guards said more than 1,000 soldiers had recently fled the advancing Taliban to neighboring Tajikistan. The Taliban had “complete control” of six districts in northeastern Badakhshan Province مقاطعة Afghanistan – The Tajik State Committee for National Security, in turn, announced.

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The call was ignored

The soldier Abdul Basir, stationed in the province of Badakhshan, understands the decision of his comrades. – They refused to give up. He said they requested support, but their call was ignored. Afghan actor Order I reported in Kabul that the Islamists cut off the way for the troops to retreat, leaving them no other choice. Taliban Previously, they captured six strategically important districts of the northern Badakhshan Province, bordering Tajikistan and China. Earlier, several hundred Afghan soldiers fled to Tajikistan.

The Taliban is moving forward and has already taken control of many other provinces. And this has been going on for weeks, that is, since the start of the withdrawal of foreign forces. The United States plans to bring all its forces home Until the end of August. The main Bagram air base was handed over to Afghan security forces on Friday (2 July). From there, during his 20-year mission in Afghanistan, numerous attacks were carried out against the Taliban and other Islamist groups. The German army, which was stationed at Kunduz in the north, finished the job on June 30 and withdrew the last soldiers.

She also expressed concern about the situation Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov criticized the destabilization caused by the withdrawal of US forces and their allies. When asked about possible additional units to reinforce the Russian forces stationed in Tajikistan, he replied that the Russian army and border guards should make a decision on this. However, he stressed that the Russian army will not be sent to Afghanistan.

Thus, the Public Prosecutor’s Office stopped the investigation into the elections. We have a justification

Afghanistan. German visas for local workers

The German Federal Government has issued 2,400 entry visas German As part of a program to protect local Afghan workers and their families. He said the situation on the ground was difficult and the planned liaison office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) had not yet started work. MSZ in Berlin. However, he added, a “very quick procedure” had been introduced.

Since the end of June, six local Afghans who served in the German army have come to Germany with their wives and children. According to information from German military circles, about 30 more people are expected to be at risk in the coming days.

Until its withdrawal last week, the Bundeswehr had provided support and issued travel documents to 446 local staff and their families, a total of 2,250 people, a spokesman for the German Defense Ministry said. However, many of them wish to remain in their country for as long as the security situation allows. However, they have the option to leave Afghanistan at any time.

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