Russia’s aviation problems continue as the country’s airlines struggle to stay in business after various sanctions imposed on them by global airlines. The latest information about this comes from Sri Lanka, where it turned out that the authorities did not allow the Aeroflot to fly to Moscow.

Aeroflot’s Airbus A330-300 flew on Thursday bound for Moscow, Not allowed to take off from Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo (CMB), Sri Lanka. Arrested at the last minuteThe plane was already full of passengers who were asked to disembark.

According to, the plane landed in Colombo with flight SU288 on June 1 at 10:10 am. SU289’s return flight status on June 2 invisible The flight tracker app.

Gulf News quoted a local official in Colombo as saying:

All passengers and crew of the plane disembarked and were accommodated in hotels. So far, Aeroflot has not issued an official statement on this issue.


trajectory of the Russian plane

Everything may indicate that the lessor has taken possession of the aircraft. Russia has tried to get around this as ch-aviation data shows that the A330 was registered from the original VQ-BMY number on the RA-73702 in April of this year.

After the invasion of Ukraine, foreign lessors were forced to terminate contracts with Russian operators due to the sanctions imposed on the country. However, Russia began to re-register aircraft in the country to avoid capture. The latest arrest in Sri Lanka may have something to do with this.

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The Russians are returning planes?

Moscow has passed a law allowing the confiscation of hundreds of aircraft in response to Western sanctions. However, according to Reuters documents, as many as five Russian airlines have returned leased planes to foreign lessors.

As part of the sanctions against Russia, the Russian fleet cannot receive aircraft, parts or machines for maintenance from Western countries, the skies over the countries of Europe, the USA, Canada or Qin is closed to Russian machines. The leasing companies asked Moscow to return it, which could mean a complete paralysis of the domestic air transport of the Russians.

In order to protect domestic flights, Russia has confiscated hundreds of aircraft belonging to foreign charter companies, entering them into the National Aircraft Registry.

According to Rosaviatia’s Russian aviation supervision document, several airlines that focus on charter flights – Azur Air, iFly, Nordwind, Pegas Fly and Royal Flight – have decided Leave their planes outside RussiaReuters reports.

– It was mentioned in the March 9 document of Al-Rusawi, quoted by Reuters.

No details were given in the document as to the reason Five companies decided to leave the chartered fleet outside Russia.

Reuters, citing aircraft-tracking website Planespotters, said a total of 31 aircraft operated by Azur Air, Nordwind, Royal Flight, iFly and Pegas Fly did not return to Russia after February 27 and are now. in Turkey, Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

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A series of sanctions imposed on Russia Preventing it from receiving aircraft and their spare parts for maintenance. With major manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus withdrawing from the country, major Russian airlines such as Aeroflot are having difficulty maintaining their regular operations.

For lack of spare parts in the country, In some cases, Russian airlines are forced to dismantle their planesTo keep most of your fleet in a ready-to-fly condition.

With no solution in sight soon, it appears that Russia’s aviation problems will continue for some time to come.

Source: Reuters, Onet, Flyers