Admission of Children and Youth from Ukraine to Polish Schools – Letter from the Minister of Education and Science to Curators, Local Government Officials and School Principals


On Wednesday, March 23 this year. Minister Przemyslav Czarnik sent a letter to curators, local government officials and school administrators. In it, he spoke about the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science aimed at facilitating admission to Polish schools for children and youth from Ukraine.

The President of MEiN introduced new legal regulations that facilitate the regulation of education for students coming from Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasized that the Ministry of Education and Science considers the most appropriate in the current situation to organize education for Ukrainian children in the form of preparatory units.

Important issues raised by the Minister of Education and Science also include information about the employment of Ukrainian citizens as teachers, support for students with special educational needs and teaching materials for students from Ukraine.


Letter from the Minister to School Principals, Curators and Local Government Officials
Letter _ Minister _ Minister _ Przemysław _ Czarnka _ to _dyr _school and _ curators _ and _ local government officials. pdf
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