Edward Kennett breaks up with black sports. It is not known if he will definitely end his career or take a break, but it is certain that he will not leave the track in 2022.

Konrad Senkowski

Edward Kennett

/ Pictured: Edward Kennett

Edward Kennett was scheduled to represent the Plymouth Gladiators in the 2022 season, the team that plays in the SGB Championship. However, this will not happen, because the two-time British runner-up (2008, 2009) told activists that due to a promotion at work, he was forced to stop the motorway.

The British admitted in an interview with Peter Oaks that it was not an easy decision for him, but he is not too old and he should also think about his future.

The former World Cup participant for the team had to travel more than 500 miles to reach his team’s home encounter. He does not hide that participating in one match means two days on the road for him.

Now, he could not afford such trips in the middle of the week, because work in the quarry would take much longer.

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