February 23, 2022, 21:29

Activision Blizzard by chance (?) chose another anti-union law firm to represent its interests. In addition, there was a proposal that Bobby Kotick would receive $22 million. As part of the “golden parachute”.

Activision Blizzard employees are not happy with their next employer’s decision. The idea is to partner with law firm Reed Smith to represent the publisher at the recent US National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearing on the Raven Software testers protest.

Lazy and Grumpy Rebels – Trade Union Reed Smith

The test took place last week, but it wasn’t the track that pissed off the developers. Activision Blizzard employees were outraged by a presentation on Reed Smith’s website about preventing the formation of labor unions.

  1. The document contained a slide entitled “Types of Employee Union Exploitation”. According to Reed Smith, unions attract “lazy” “activists”, “rebels”, “complainants” and “fools”.
  2. The presentation apparently disappeared from Reed Smith’s page, but Jessica Gonzalez took over the slide. Chief Engineer at Activision Blizzard. I put a screenshot Twitter.
  3. Netizens commented heavily on the entry, noting both the overtones of the entire slide and the use of old words.
Bobby Kotik Could Leave Activision Blizzard With Millions Of Dollars - Illustration #1

Source: Jessica Gonzalez on Twitter.

Activision Blizzard hates labor unions?

After lawsuits last year for mistreatment of Activision Blizzard employees Collaboration with WilmerHale. Some were disgusted by the publisher’s decision to use a law firm known for its anti-union activities in the context of the institutional debate at the time, which continues to this day.

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For many Internet users, the fact that Activision Blizzard decided to use the services of another “anti-union” company proves the negative attitude of the publisher towards trade unions.

  1. The frequency towards AB is much greater than that The slide’s publication was preceded by reports of the company’s actions, allegedly intended to impede the joint work of Raven Software testers assembled around the Game Workers Union.
  2. It was mostly about sudden Restructuring The testers were moved to other departments in the studio. According to many, this was related to the aforementioned NLRB hearing, where AB insisted that the entire studio vote for GWA’s approval, not just the QC staff.
  3. The dispersal of the protest testers was supposed to “dilute” discontent in the studio by distracting the group around the QA department. Especially that – as stated The Washington Post And the GWA – The administration also started an advertising campaign for commend The developers trade unions, and many of the transferred workers were not even sure of their role or who was now accountable to them.

If you believe this information, it will not be a surprise. Activision Blizzard made it clear You do not intend to recognize the Gamers Workers’ allianceAlthough “consider” such an option.

Bobby Kotick could walk away from Activision by millions of dollars

The above reports must have cast doubt on the assertions of Microsoft, which promised to improve the work culture at Activision Blizzard. The Redmond giant might have such plans, but A proposal to give Bobby Kotik a so-called “Golden Parachute” in the amount of $15-22 million in shares Netizens were not greeted warmly.

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This information comes from Document on the SEC . website (US Securities and Exchange Commission), found by Axios, and being a proposal for the acquisition path of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This takes into account the fate of the current head of the company.

  1. One suggestion is to extend the contract with Bobby Kotek beyond the current expiration date of March 2023, although Axios sources said there is no chance of that.
  2. If Kotek can successfully improve the company’s work culture (which takes into account, among other things, a zero-tolerance plan for harassment and an increase in the number of working women and non-binary people), The Board of Directors may award him a stock bonus of $22 million.
  3. If Microsoft refuses Kotek without giving any reason, he will get $15 million. End of service gratuity under the “golden parachute” (Any clause in the contract that specifies the financial terms in the event of the manager being fired).

It is easy to guess that the possibility of awarding any of these “bonuses” was not warmly welcomed by Internet users. Bobby Kotick has gained the dislike of many people over the years (also because of It is completely unjustified bonus), and AB’s recent problems have deteriorated its reputation. Especially in the context of the father reports. negotiable verbs President.