Ready to stand out in the new Avatar movie begins to arrive. And if there is no eruption, then certainly a lot of income associated with this universe. This does not mean that Avatar: Reckoning will please everyone.

Avatar: Reckoning is an MMORPG, but it’s for mobile devices

Tencent, Lightstorm Entertainment, Disney and Archosaur Games are keeping an eye on the new game. So it’s hard to talk about the unknown teams here. And since Tencent is the slightest surprise, it shouldn’t be the fact that it’s a production meant for mobile devices. Specifically those that run under the control of Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on too many details just yet. Some people will abandon the topic of mobile production immediately. For others, important mentions may not only relate to the use of a movie license, but also about betting on an MMORPG. In addition to the multiplayer option, there will also be co-op conflicts and even single player story missions.

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When will Avatar: Reckoning hit smartphones?

The exact release date of Avatar: Reckoning is unknown, but the authors and publishers are aiming for the end of this year. Not surprisingly, because there is still hope that Avatar 2, the sequel to Avatar 2 from 2009, which was a huge commercial success, will be released in cinemas.

When it comes to larger platform games, Ubisoft is working on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Very little is said about this first-person action-adventure game and one can doubt if it will be released this year. Officially, he’s still a supporter. Here, too, Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney share their share, and from a technical point of view, they should focus on the Snowdrop engine.

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Source: Archosaur Games