Raphael Goose / PAP

In a comment sent to the Polish Parliament, the Finance Minister said that the European Commission forecast confirms that the Polish economy has handled the epidemic “relatively well”.

According to new data released by the European Commission (EC), projected GDP growth in Poland will reach 4%. This year, 5.4 percent. The next day.

“According to the latest forecasts, last year’s recession in Poland was one of the shallowest recessions among the European Union countries,” said Tadeusz Kosinski. Only Ireland, Lithuania and Luxembourg did better. This confirms that the Polish economy has withstood the difficult times of the epidemic relatively well.

“The expectations for Poland for the period 2021-2022 are 0.9 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively. Above the European Union forecasts for February this year.” – added. “The use of funds from the Recovery and Resilience Tool will also have an impact on the improvement in the dynamics that the European Commission expects in 2022.”

Kosinski also drew attention to the decrease in the budget deficit, which is also expected from the European Commission.

The European Commission expects the nominal deficit in 2021-22, earlier than the Treasury assumes, to fall by 4.3% in a row. GDP and 2.3% GDP versus 7% GDP in 2020, ”Kościński said.

According to the European Commission’s forecast published on Wednesday, inflation in Poland is at 3.5%. In 2021, 2.9 percent. One year later.

Brussels also expects unemployment in Poland to drop to 3.5% this year, which will be the lowest in the European Union. In 2022, the unemployment rate is expected to decline to 3.3%, which is also the lowest in the bloc.

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