The Abandoned theme returns, but we can’t count on any material from the game, which apparently wasn’t made. Gamespot editors have spoken to people familiar with the project, and most people say it bluntly: production just doesn’t come into being.

Do you still remember the abandoned? It is very likely that the title promoted by Sony will never appear. Gamespot’s editorial team conducted a major investigation that only confirms that Blue Box is not really developing the game, but Hassan Kahraman has a strange plan to finance the project.

“Although the game’s release for PS5 was slated for fall 2021, several people close to Kahraman told GameSpot that there is no game – at least not one in development.”

According to journalists, Hasan Kahraman created groups of loyal fans, whom he promises to make a deserted show or even work on the position, and In the end, instead of developing an abandoned game, the devotees play Rainbow Six Siege with the developer at night.

Most of the information GameSpot has learned recently about the developer comes from people familiar with the very private and exclusive online group chat. Sources say Kahraman has been sharing game content such as screenshots, animations, and even script pages there since last fall. The group’s original release consisted of about Ten fans from one of the Discord servers set up to explore the secrets of production. Kahraman chose people on the basis of whom he invited “research” for them, he once told the group.”

The problem is Hasan Kahraman systematically lies, postpones performances, promises new material, and when those interested begin to doubt his project This leads to their expulsion from the group or the creation of new groups of loyal abandoned fans.

“The participants in his group chat were often bound by secrecy – some were even forced to sign a vague non-disclosure agreement, a copy of which was obtained from GameSpot. According to sources, Kahraman searched for fans who agreed with him, and when some members of the group questioned his promises. Empty and inconsistencies between public and private comments, he fired them or formed a new and sometimes smaller group that only included new and/or still new fans.”

Hasan Kahraman was supposed to systematically create “toxic” groups whose members wanted to trust the developer, but in the end there were more and more serious doubts about giving up. The creator was also caught making fakes – with their help, the author wanted to combine his project with Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.

Recently, a lot of Kahramana’s group chat content appeared on Twitter and Reddit within a few months. Some of this material coming from Amber was verified by GameSpot earlier this year during our ongoing investigation. Among the newly revealed items is artwork that reads “Silent Hill 5,” which uses the character’s same leg shape in the dark jeans and shoes the developer has used in many other items, both public and private.

Kahraman used to tell the group that he was actively working on ‘Abandoned’, but over time he didn’t show anything that seemed right or convincing, often without meeting the deadlines he had imposed. For example, after he said he had a disclosure scheduled for that day from The week, that day passed without news.”

‘Abandoned’ was reportedly scheduled to be shown three times in the summer of 2021 Even Geoff Keighley took part in the presentation as the game was due to be revealed on Gamescom, but the organizer never received the footage.

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Hasan Kahraman’s plan is to create a paid upfront to finance the project, but it is very likely that not even such a title has been created – The author plays with his Siege community all the time at night and hasn’t submitted any production materials for some time.

“Sources say Kahraman has finally admitted to PSN that the abandoned game is not in development, but to this day confirms that the intro is playable.” As mentioned earlier, the sale of this introduction is intended to fully fund the game and attract investors, but the materials he shared with a private group only caused confusion. He promised to test the game, sometimes for only one person from the group, but no tests were ever offered. Some members of the group joked that the title should be called “Wallbandoned” because so much of what Kahraman showed them was walls in the game and nothing else. People close to the situation wonder how much progress has been made up front.

Gamespot notes that the game’s design has been changed several times – from a cult horror movie to an action game, and even a vampire concept has appeared, which has been described as a “Resident Evil fake.” Journalists think so The title may never appear and the foreword will never go up for sale, and it ends up being completely abandoned like other projects by Kahramana Studio.

“Recently, there’s been talk of the game returning to telling a cult story, but that doesn’t seem to matter. People who spoke to GameSpot say Kahraman doesn’t seem to be working on the item or its introduction. Since last fall, he’s been in talks with the group or playing Siege so much throughout the night that those associated with the situation feel there is no time to make much progress. They expect it to end up being abandoned like the last few games announced by the Blue Box: abandoned after little progress and with nothing more than a launch trailer.”