August 14, 2021, 10:33

Yesterday, an app related to the abandoned game was released on PS5. Its content is currently limited to a “teaser” of a few seconds, which was previously available on the web.

In April of this year announce It was up, a first-person survival horror game from Blue Box Game. Shortly after the title was revealed, an app for PS5 was scheduled to launch, which would introduce us to production facts. In the end I scored a little opo?? nieñfor the first time yesterday. As it turned out, at the moment it looks like an attempt to rob players.

There is only a ‘teaser’ in the app, which only lasts a few seconds and it was to come by developers already before. The only thing we see in him is a shot to the ground and to the legs of a passing person. There was also information about the alleged premiere of the trailer. This turn of events was not satisfactory for the players. via Twitter A wave of negative comments and memes related to the situation spilled over.

The application itself indicates that in the future, new materials will be added there. Its listing shows that there will be three more trailers and two gameplay demos.

It is worth bearing in mind that up The great unknown remains. The title is about a man who wakes up in a dark forest. He quickly discovers that he has been kidnapped and tries to escape. After the production was revealed, they started showing off gossip This is actually Silent suit From Hideo Kojima, the head of Blue Box Game Studio is really fair the actor.

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