And thousands of comments, also pranks, were made on the Internet by a photo of a Russian helicopter shot down in Ukraine, which allegedly found a washing machine. There is a certain element in the wreck that resembles it.

A photo of the downed and destroyed helicopter, which the Russians allegedly used to transport a stolen washing machine in Ukraine, has been widely shared and commented on on social media. Cause: One of the items shown in the photo looks like washer or dryer casing remains. So some netizens associate this photo with reports about Russian soldiers They steal different equipment They are found in Ukrainian homes and taken with them to Russia.

The most popular post with this photo was posted on May 13 by an English speaker Twitter usersHe wrote: “Among the wreckage of the Russian attack helicopter is a … washer. The Russians …”. His position per day earned more than 22 thousand. Likes, more than 6000 times users, nearly a thousand. commented. On this basis, some portals have been created in Russian ArticlesOne of them was titled: “Russian Military Helicopter Washing Machine Stolen – Photo Confirmation”.

Ukrainians showed how they shot down a Russian helicopter (video from March 5, 2022) Video: Twitter / ArmedForcesUkr

Both the photography and the message about the washing machine in the helicopter quickly penetrated the Polish network, with netizens commenting on it as well. A washing machine was found in the wreckage of a collapsed Russian helicopter. “The Russians are indignant at the mockery of the parade on Red Square, while in the downed military helicopter, according to the Ukrainians, a washing machine was found”; Twitter users, including some journalists, wrote: “An image has appeared on Twitter showing a destroyed Russian helicopter. The image also shows a washing machine (or dryer) that may have been carried on board.”

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Sample entries with a picture of a helicopter and suggestions about the washing machine
Sample entries with a picture of a helicopter and suggestions about the washing machine Photo: Twitter

We make it clear: The image of the wrecked helicopter is original, but the item marked on it is neither a washer nor a dryer.

“There is no place for a washing machine in the helicopter, even in Russia”

The picture is not a remake, it’s from Entry On a telegram posted on May 10 by Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs who is active in social media. Heraszenko told that the photo shows the remains of the Mi-28 helicopter that was shot down by Ukrainian forces on May 9 over the village of Bobroka in the Kharkiv region.

A photo of the helicopter without the washer-like item on the same day – May 10 – can be found on other social media, incl. on Twitter.

Photo of a downed helicopter published by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on May 10
Photo of a downed helicopter published by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on May 10 Photo: Telegram

Heraszczenko did not write anything about the washing machine – such suggestions appeared in the entries of Internet users who downloaded a photo from his account. However, under the more common entry mentioned above, some commentators denied that the selected item was leftover household appliances and asserted that these parts were damaged by the helicopter. “Good joke, but the washing machine seems to be an integral part of the design”; “I’m not sure this looks like a washer. What is the purpose of this hole?” ; “Yes, this is not a washing machine. There is no place for a washing machine in a combat helicopter, even in Russia, where everything is possible” – they commented and posted the characteristic elements of the helicopter as evidence, which in their opinion can be seen in the photo.

These guesses were confirmed in the reply sent to Konkret24 by the military pilot, Reserve Major Michał Fiszer. “This is not a washer, but an element of the exhaust gas cooling system of turbine engines to reduce the machine’s thermal signature of infrared guided missiles,” – the expert explains.

author: Michel Estelle

source: Konkret24, Photo: Shutterstock/Twitter