Residents of Parchatka draw attention to fields and valleys ravaged by quads, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. They are appealing to the Kazimierz Dolny city authorities and institutions responsible for protecting the landscape park to deal with this problem.

We have the largest network of gorges in Europe and we want to preserve this wealth. Plus, it comes to a certain comfort in daily performance – residents say. You can’t even pass, let alone pass. There are such deep canyons and marshes that simply scare you – they add.

– This problem is not completely resolved. Canyons have been run over, public spaces are badly scattered – says Adam Gopal, Chairman of the Parchatki Development Association. – There is no care for this space. Because these problems have been repeated for many years and are, in fact, insoluble. At least for now. Really beautiful places, beautiful scenery; It is noted that the normal values ​​are unique.

– You can still hear motorbikes and ATVs howl – says the inhabitant. – Perhaps there will be some services on each road trip; There should be a ban on entering quad bikes and motorcycles. In addition, they can shorten their path and pass through sown grain. Their drivers don’t pay attention to this at all – the resident adds.

There are suitable entities: the Lublin Gardens Complex, the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. As residents, we’d love to hear what they have done so far, what they are doing and what they intend to do to protect our nature – adds Ryszard Rybczyński, Parchatka Mayor and at the same time Kazimierz Dolny City Councilor.

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– As an institution, first of all, we do not have the possibility to block or restrict traffic in these valleys – explains Andrzej Kardasz, Head of the Branch Office of the Lublin Landscape Parks complex in Lubartów. We can only report such situations to local governments or the police. In fact, if there are any dangerous situations, we report them to the police immediately. If we have reports from the population, we immediately take our actions, conduct field visits, assess the scale of the problem and send the reports to the appropriate institutions.

– In my opinion, the problem is so difficult that many of these valleys are also shared roads. Traffic cannot be blocked in these valleys, but there is a way to limit it to a minimum, that is, only residents or municipal services can use them – explains Andrzej Kardasz.

– If it can be proven that someone intentionally destroyed valuable natural areas, we can of course act as prosecutors and point out what is wrong and what needs to be fixed – reports Bowie Duklyowski, a spokesman for the Regional Environmental Protection Directorate in Lublin. – I know one of our paintings that was marking the boundaries of the Natura 2000 has been destroyed by people doing extreme sports. Now we’ll have to fix that damage somehow – he adds.

Is restricting entry a good idea? – Of course it can be considered. However, appropriate solutions should be adopted to enforce this limitation. It wouldn’t be a dead recipe – Bowie Duklewski answers.

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As a municipality, we have very limited resources, but we are acting in this direction – says Bartomij Godlowski, deputy mayor of Kazimierz Dolny. Please note that most of these valleys are public roads. By definition, they are intended to be within reach of vehicles. Of course, you can try to ban traffic. This, however, will also affect the population. Together with local entrepreneurs providing off-road services, we took the initiative to try to civilize this tourist offering a bit. The suggestion is to try to define the paths on which off-road vehicles should travel and those that cannot travel. It would be more information, not really legal prohibitions. However, it seems to us that despite everything, this means that most of this type of attraction will actually take place where it can be held – he explains.

Will such arrangements achieve the expected result? We’ll see in a few weeks, when the recommended routes for off-road driving are already known.

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