One of the interlocutors said that the Russian side did not even provide information on where exactly the turbines should be delivered and by customs clearance.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said earlier on Thursday that one has the impression Russia does not want the return of its turbines, which means that Moscow’s technical difficulties are only an excuse to restrict gas supplies, and the real reasons for this are political.

Habeck added that the German government is in constant contact with Siemens Energy, which has maintained the Russian turbines, and will be informed when the transportation problem is resolved.

“Under normal circumstances, servicing the turbines is a routine operation for us (…). Of course, we want to get the turbine back in place as quickly as possible. However, how long it will take is not entirely up to us

Announcing the announcement by Siemens Energy.

on Monday The German Economy Ministry said that the turbine service for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in Canada was not the reason for the reduction in gas supplies to Germany by Russia’s Gazprom, because the turbine was to be used only from September, and the reduction in transmission occurred in the first half of July. The Russian side argued that the lack of this device was the reason for the limitation of the flow of raw materials.

Source:, PAP