An SUV carrying 27 passengers collided with a gravel truck on a highway in Imperial County, California, 10 kilometers from the Mexican border. He explained that at least 15 people were killed, and many of the wounded were transferred to nearby hospitals CNN. Dr Adolf Edward, CEO of El Centro Hospital, where the injured live next, said: “ Patients are going through tough times right now, as you can imagine. incident.

running So far It is not known why so many people traveled in a passenger car. A spokesman for the local border service told ABC television the number was “unusual” but it was not known who the passengers were. “They might be farm workers,” he added. The area is currently harvesting ice lettuce and other leafy greens.

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Stop to provide pedestrian assistance. The truck behind him did not have time to brake

A tragic accident in California

The investigators and police Investigate the causes of the event. There are fire brigades and border guards on site. Highway 115 is currently impassable.

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