In 2022, only the last four matches will be played as part of the DME. Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain will run on the right track in Poznan. At least the Poles should start in the strongest ranking. The format of the competition is a classic 20-speed game, in which teams assign teams of five people (four main players plus a reserve).

Seniors in the DME is the idea of ​​the pole Pyotr Szymański. He is the chair of the FIM Europe Track Committee.

DME should be a response to the lack of a real team in the FIM show. It is true that in 2023 it will return to the World Cup calendar, but FIM Europe has another surprise. Perhaps the DME will turn into some kind of League of Nations.

The plans are to split the six national teams into two groups, where they will compete on a peer-to-peer basis in aggregate. This, just as in football, will replace playing test matches. The DME or the League of Nations in this way means that the Poles will be the best candidate in the competition. There is no other country in the world that can share a strong team like us, which consists of five or six players.

The emergence of such a rivalry may not be in the hands of the new Grand Prix promoters, Speedway of Nations and DPŚ, for whom this type of rivalry can be a huge competition.

The fact that DME could enter the calendar this year Szymański spoke between the lines during the press conference of the Polish national team in Bydgoszcz, when he spoke of another amazing performance awaiting our national team.

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Let’s add that as part of the FIM Europe events, two other teams are already playing. It is the European Under-23 Team Championship and the European Under-19 Championship.

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