The British royal family attracts attention in many countries around the world – including Poland. It turns out that the family of the folk king has Polish roots. How is this possible? Various facts have been linked by the journalists of the Polish website in UK.

The British royal family enjoys great popularity and sympathy not only among the British. Many people are curious what it means to be king, queen, or heir to the throne these days. Besides, the property itself often evokes a certain feeling, also among Poles. The king or the reigning queen is recognized with the state and treated as a bond of the entire society.

In Poland, the times of the monarchy have long since passed, but it turns out that the British royal family has more in common with Poland than you might imagine. Poles UK’s portal – – came with some interesting notes like the thread to the package. Well, Prince Philip has very close cousins ​​in Poland.

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The British royal family has Polish roots

According to the results of journalists from, Prince Philip, that is, husband Queen Elizabeth II, descendant of Maurice and Zofia Hook. Morrissey was a general in the Polish army, and Zovia came from the La Fontaine family. They had eleven children, eight of whom survived. This group included Julia Hook, whose son – Ludvik Alexander – married the granddaughter of Queen Victoria (Wikimedia Commons). Here, the Polish and British oud come together. Prince Philip is the granddaughter of Ludwig and Victoria of Hesse. Hence also Prince Charles, his children and grandchildren.

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What is more interesting is that the descendants of the Hawk family still live in Poland. Thanks to Julia’s sister – Zofia – who settled in Poland. The surname Hauke ​​is currently held by three people: Dominican father Alexander Hook Ligovsky and two cousins.

He is the last mentioned representative of the Hauke ​​family to live on the Vistula River. He is also the closest (fourth cousin) Polish relative of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip– Reporting to Emito Gate.