First, bitter frosts, and after a few days, summer temperatures are approx. at Germany A record change happened last week the weather.

Climate researchers from the German Weather Service (DWD) estimated that there was no such sharp increase in temperature per week. This is confirmed by the data received from the measuring station in Göttingen in Lower Saxony.

On February 14th, in the coldest moment, thermometers showed -23.8 degrees Celsius below zero. A week later – February 21 – the temperature was already 18.1 degrees on thermometers. That’s an increase of 41.9 degrees Celsius.

No such big weekly jump in temperatures has been recorded in Germany since the weather statistics were kept. A DWD spokesperson said that closest to this record is data from May 1880, when the difference was 41 degrees.

Turbidity in Tri-City. Dust from the desert reached Poland

Germany. Winter heat records

In addition, two local records for winter temperatures were set in Germany last Monday (21 February). At Quickborn in Schleswig-Holstein, thermometers showed 18.9 degrees. The current record goes back to 2019, at 17.8.

The temperature in Hamburg reached 21.1 degrees on Monday, two degrees higher than the previous record. – after, after Once A DWD spokesperson said the temperature in Hamburg exceeded 20 degrees Celsius for the first time ever in winter.

The text comes from the site German wave.

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