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A strong storm could have caused the plane to crash! You wouldn’t guess what the pilot did! [WIDEO]

Strong storm in Britain! Strong winds killed two people, about 30 thousand. Consumers are left without electricity. Even Heathrow airport staff were surprised by the weather. Storms almost bombed the plane that was trying to land. The pilot’s bold reaction was recorded. Watch the video!

A very difficult landing at London Heathrow Airport! In recent days, Britain has suffered from Hurricane Malik and Storm Corey. The winds that hit the trees killed two people. And left tens of thousands of consumers without electricity. Wind gusts of 145 km / h! Such weather conditions also caused many difficulties for air traffic.

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Horror moments at the airport

The pilot sitting at the controls of a British Airways plane trying to land at Heathrow has faced a huge challenge! Strong gusts of wind made the machine difficult to control. as he knows Monday, January 31, the plane was arriving at London Airport around noon and departing from Aberdeen. As it approached the ground, the wind almost destroyed the machine! The plane rocked so hard from side to side that it hit the asphalt, tilted to the left, and balanced on the wheels. The pilot decided to take the machine into the air again! Then another attempt was made – this time a successful landing.

The recording was broadcast live on Big Jet TV. Watch the video:

Congratulations to the pilot!

The video has already been viewed by more than 350 thousand. Once, I’ve collected more than a thousand comments and nearly five thousand reactions. Most of the netizens’ voices congratulate us on the daring behavior of the pilot. There were also comments from shocked people who admitted that they did not want to sit in the passenger seat …

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