Blizzard wants to celebrate her 30th birthday with all fans. The company has posted an eye-catching teaser that invites you to the upcoming BlizzConline. We should see at least one large ad at this event.

Blizzard prepares for BlizzConline And it looks like it will be a special event. Today the company released a teaser trailer for a digital event, while also reminding you that the company will be celebrating its 30th anniversary at this time.

The American studio was founded in 1991 under the name “Silicon & Synapse,” but after three years and a bit of turmoil (the developers wanted to develop games called “Chaos Studio”, but such a team already exists) it officially started as Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard has now released an impressive trailer where you’ll see many heroes from the following titles. The company is promising big announcements for the upcoming BlizzConline, but it remains difficult to say what Americans really are intending to do.

Maybe we’ll hear about the resurrection of Diablo 2 or We will get to know the mobile site from World of Warcraft? In this case, there are several options. You have to remember that even if Blizzard announces the game, it may not be released for even a year or two.