The task itself is not easy – dressing someone requires safety, dexterity and speed. MIT CSAIL researchers have created an algorithm that maintains a balance between these features and allows a person to wear appropriate clothing. The main problem is that people quickly adapt to others and can easily help someone get dressed – Bots have to learn this from scratch.

MIT CSAIL researchers have invented an algorithm that allows “safe collisions” to avoid hitting objects (here: the person who is dressed). So the robot can touch a person more than once, but provided that its effect on the person is small. Shen Li of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports that it is very difficult to create algorithms that prevent a machine from inflicting pain, and at the same time Allow painless contact with someone. This method is all about finding the right paths when dressing someone and staying safe at the same time. You can watch a video of the entire process below.

When it comes to robotics, the recently acquired Hyundai-acquired Boston Dynamics decided to use seven Spot Robots. To perform a complex dance. In turn, South Korea intends to send robots based on artificial intelligence to the demilitarized zone with North Korea soon.

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