Colonel General Sergei Besiada was no longer under house arrest, but was transferred to Lefortov Prison. His case was handled by the Main Military Investigation Department – Andrei Soldatov wrote on Facebook.

Sergey Besiada was the head of the Operational Information and International Relations Department at the FSB. The department’s goal was, among other things, to keep the post-Soviet states in the Russian sphere of influence. Previously, Vladimir Putin was responsible for this department.

Bisada was arrested at the beginning of March of this year. He was accused of improper use of budget funds to invade Ukraine and provide Putin with false information about the situation in that country.

Journalist Soldatov claims that Putin “apparently realized that he had been misled.” Foreign intelligence did not want to upset the president, so she provided him with information that he wanted to hear – the journalist reported.

Interestingly, according to Ukrainian media, the investigation of the holiday is carried out by counter-military intelligence officers, who usually look for traitors. Does Putin suspect a betrayal holiday? It is possible that the colonel-general is suspected of leaking information to the CIA, the Ukrainian website Pravda claims.

According to Sudato, Pisiad has been active in Ukraine for a long time. In 2014, he was in Kyiv during the field. His task was to keep Viktor Yanukovych in power, which he did not succeed in.

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