ten La Jolla Light It offers this ongoing series of online classes that take place on a computer or tablet, as well as local in-person events.

Lectures and learning

Yiddish Association of North American Arts and Academics oferuje online Polish language lessons. Juniors’ Second Classes will take place on Sundays at 2:00 PM starting January 2nd; Beginner’s classes will be taking place at 9 am every Tuesday starting January 4th. A total of six chapters. $25 per session or $150 per series. yaaana.org/polish

The Jewish Academic and Technical Association of North America is offering conversational Hebrew lessons with Orly Moses beginning Wednesday, January 5, online.

(Courtesy of the Yiddish North American Art and Scholars Association)

Yiddish Association of North American Arts and Academics oferuje online Conversational Hebrew Lessons From Orly Muse on Wednesday, January 5th. Advanced lessons are held at 12:30 pm and have six lessons in total. $30 per class or $180 per series. yaaana.org/hebrew-classes

• Offers for the Athens Music and Arts Library art lessons Starting Monday, January 10th online and in person at 1008 Wall St., La Jolla. The winter session runs until March and includes drawing, painting and mixed techniques lessons. For prices and information, please visit ljathenaeum.org.

Families and children

• Presents La Jolla Library/Rayford Children’s fairy tales and crafts Monday afternoon, at 7555 Draper Ave. The weekly event for 0-2 year olds includes songs, stories, a finger game, and a different sign and letter. Free. lajollalibrary.org

• Presents the La Jolla/Rayford Library “Young children” Noon Tuesday, at 7555 Draper Ave. The weekly party for 1-3 years old is for young children to enjoy music, nonsense and books with attractive illustrations. Free. lajollalibrary.org

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Health and fitness

• Yoga shows the body “January Bath Zen Soul Balance Audio With Gina Dawson” 6:30 p.m. Friday, January 7, 7843 Girard Ave. No, Jolla. This sonic bath begins with mindful breathing exercises and gentle body movements to release tension before settling into a comfortable resting position. 55 dollars. buddhiyogalj.com/wydarzenia

art culture

• Comedian Store La Jolla presents the comedian John Rip 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday, December 31 at 916 Pearl Street, concerts also scheduled for Saturday, January 1 and Sunday, January 2, tickets from $25, depending on date and time. thecomedystore.com/la-jolla

• Presents the Athens Library of Music and the Arts Milestones: 40 years of the Stewart Collection Until Friday, December 31 at 1008 Wall Street, La Jolla. The gallery features a range of artists and works from the UCSD Stuart Collection in honor of the collection’s 40th anniversary. Free. ljathenaeum.org

• RB Stevenson Exhibitions in Showroom “seeing things” Until Friday, December 31 at 7661 Girard Ave. Flat 101, La Jolla. The collective exhibition displays new paintings, sculptures and works by artists in various media in the galleries. Free. rbstevensongallery.com

• Quint Galleries “A wonderful collection of small artworks” Until Friday, December 31 at 7722 Girard Ave. No, Jolla. Quint’s 40th Anniversary Gallery features paintings, photographs, drawings, and sculptures by 22 artists. Free. quintgallery.com

• Presents BFree Studio Icona Pop From Monday, January 3 at 7857 Girard Ave. No, Jolla. The exhibition is a group show featuring artists Tony Concep, Sisco, Shlomi J. Hayon, Artlord, Born Rich, and Sea Free. bfreestudio.net

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• Adventures by gift book “A Thousand Steps: A Virtual Fireside Adventure from the Seventies” 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 5 online. The event will feature author T. Jefferson Parker in a pre-screening discussion of his thriller ‘A Thousand Steps’. $5 and more. adventuresbythebook.com/event/t-jefferson-parker

• Warwick Library knows the author Julia Kelly 1:00 p.m. Thursday, January 6 online. Kelly will discuss her new book, The Last Dance for Beginners, with writer Kristen Harmel. Free. warwicks.com/event/kelly-2022

Cappy McGarr will discuss his first book, A Memoir on the Importance of Humor, at 7:00 p.m. Friday, January 7, at DG Wills Books, 7461 Girard Ave. No, Jolla.

(Courtesy of Cappy McGarr)

• Displays books by DG Wills Cape McGargar 7:00 p.m. Friday, January 7, 7461 Girard Ave. No, Jolla. McGarr’s new book, The Man Who Made Mark Twain Famous, will discuss his memories of his involvement in national politics with stories from the past two decades, Mark Twain’s Winners of American Humor. Free. dgwillsbooks.com

• The new San Diego Music and Arts Library and the Athens Music and Arts Library are back ON . Sound Festival With concerts at 7.30 p.m. January 6-8, 1008 Wall Street, La Jolla. The series will feature San Diego’s new music hit “Noise” with a program highlighting the diverse international lineup of composers. $27 for a single event or $75 for a series; $22 for Athenaeum members for a single event or $60 for a series. ljathenaeum.org/sound-on

• Offers a music program Talent masterpieces 4:00 p.m. Sunday, January 9 at La Jolla Woman’s Club, 7791 Draper Ave. The piano and string quartet program includes music by Mozart, Rossini, and Beethoven, played by Jessica Guediri and Chiay Tajima on violin. Eric Renerson Viola. Michael Kaufman on the cello; Jeff Osica on Double Bass; And Viktor Shlichenko plays the piano. $95. LeSalondeMusiques.com

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• Participation in the La Jolla Cultural Center and the La Jolla Arts Society “somewhere in time” Until Saturday January 29 at 6811 La Jolla Street, the gallery features a mix of media by artists Anne Chetten, Virginia Hewlett, Danny Levine, Gwen Nobile, Sherry Roper, Jon Valois, and Laura Wheeler. Free. ljcommunitycenter.org

Celebrations and events

The Yiddish Association of North American Scholars and Arts offers: Yiddish Festival In partnership with Yiddish House London at 8:00 PM on Friday 31 December at Yiddishland, 1128 Wall St. No, Jolla. The traditional Mexican festival will feature Yiddish/Mexican poetry, a Yiddish version of a Mexican game and more. $50. bit.ly/jidyszNYE

Do you have an event – online or in person – that you’d like to see here? Send leads by email to [email protected]