Which of these outfits are traditionally worn by men and women: sarong, chador, kilt or saree? This question was answered by Mr. Radosław Budziszewski from Wroclaw.

On Thursday’s episode, Mr. Radosław continued his game. In the previous question, he managed to answer five questions correctly, but used two of the available circles – an audience question and a phone call to a friend.

Mr. Radosław heard the question for 20,000 PLN. It is about traditional clothes.

Which of these costumes are traditionally worn by men and women?

A: sarong B: czador C: kilt D: sari.

The chador is a traditional costume worn by Muslim women in Iran, and its wearing is considered one of the forms of wearing the hijab. The kilt is a Scottish national costume traditionally worn by men. It is a skirt made of tartan, a material with a checkered pattern. A saree is a strip of fabric 5-6 meters long that cannot be sewn together, worn by women in the Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, a sarong is a type of skirt made of a single piece of fabric, worn by both women and men, for example. in Malysia.

So the correct answer to the above question is ‘A’.

Main image source: TVN Millionaires

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