Jailed for lockdown Qutb criticizes the British for fighting the pandemic

Here is another video that points precisely to the absurdities of Great Britain

Hundreds of thousands of people have already watched the YouTube video, and most viewers agree with the author

On March 8, at a press conference, Boris Johnson spoke about the issue of recovering from lockdown, but for most people in Great Britain the road to normal life is still a very long time. Frustration is growing, so it is not surprising that there are videos on the Internet that are highly critical of the government’s actions and the current situation. A Polish living in England recorded another movie of enforced quarantine, leaving no illusions about the many absurdities he’d been meeting with for a year. You can watch the entire YouTube video below.

The English will not do anything until the virus does not kill them

One of the greatest absurdities that the director notices in everyday life is driving the car alone in a mask, which is understandable from his point of view as “nothing will break a man who has been wearing the same disposable mask for a year while he is alive”. Most of all, he criticizes the British government, which he has mocked – in general – for the way the British government has fought it: successive closures, locking people in their homes and denying them potential earning:

Today we treat influenza with closed shoes (…), a café is not working, and half of the population is in a parking lot.

He considers the existence of the Brazilian alternative in Great Britain, as well as the Czech variant in Poland, to be legendary. And searching for “patient zero” is absurd.

Watch the video recorded in quarantine in the UK:

Do the British media provide backup topics during the lockdown?

The vlogger points sharply to the issue of British media, which, according to him, is currently acting as alternative topics to divert attention from the poor economic situation in Great Britain. In February, Sharmina Begum and cases related to ISIS returned to the media, which may spark emotions related to the British flight to Syria and the subsequent desire to return to the country of his nationality. The British press is now raising the case of Queen Elizabeth who is promoting the vaccination, on the grounds that “the vaccine did not harm”, as well as Prince Philip, who lived for a long time and his health condition. However, issues regarding the British monarchy had no bearing on the lives of the people of Great Britain. It makes life on the islands in 2021 more absurd, although life in Boston, where Tomasz was tied up, still resembles Eastern Europe more than Great Britain.

We see: The British economy contracted significantly in January! The drop in GDP was 2.9%!

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